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I am back !!!!!!

Hello Dear Ones,

You might be wondering where this lady went off without blogging..Am I guessing right?

I have gone to India all of sudden and I was not able to blog anything.. But I enjoyed my two months trip to India a lot and I am back to Malaysia now(Not exactly now..It was last week but I was busy with my house work and office work.. 😦 )

Ooh..I forgot to tell..Belated Happy Christmas and Happy New Year..Have loads of loads of fun in 2014 (My bad ..I am saying all belated wishes)…  Lastly Happy Chinese New Year 2014.

Here in Malaysia, Chinese New Year will be celebrated for two days and it is 31/1 and 1/2 of 2014..I think you have guessed it by now..Tomorrow is a HOLIDAY… 🙂

So I end this post here and will come back very soon as I have lots of things to share.

Take Care..Bye.. 🙂 🙂

P.S:  Thank you for all the ones who visited my blog even when there is no updates and I am really sorry for all the posts that mentioned about my blog as I was not able to thank you for the same.  For sure I will visit all your blogs.