DIY – Handmade Greeting card… :)

Hello Dear Ones,

Finally, we are out of Sachin’s Mania and started believing “No more Number 10 in Indian Cricket”… 😦 :)..Full of mixed emotions(Feeling sad as Sachin fan and Happy for Sachin)..

OMS(Oh My Sachin)!!! I forgot about my new post for which I am super excited…

“Handmade presents are awesome because it reveals that recipient is so special to you..”

Many people used to tell that they made some handmade greeting cards or gifts in their childhood for their friends or family..My bad 😦 I never did something like that, I always used to prefer some printed greeting cards… Now I am feeling very bad that I missed a lot about this in my life..

So, I planned to make a greeting card and to my luck, one of my friend’s birthday was very nearby. How lucky na?..:D

I started buying supplies one by one as I don’t have any of them except scissors.. Sorry for not posting the photos of all the supplies I used. I was fully concentrated on making the card and forgot to take snaps. Mentioning the items below:

  1. Card stock – For greeting card – A4 size
  2. Colour papers  – To make a birthday cake and embellishments –  A4 size
  3. Sketch Pencils and Pens – To draw and write
  4. Scissors and Glues – To Cut and Paste
  5. Ribbon and Toothpick – To tie and quill
  6. Circle compass cutter – Optional ( Don’t have one – No worries, I will show you how to)

Here is my plan –

  • I want to make a birthday cake with paper to paste it on the greeting card and make it simple inside with just some balloons and message.

Birthday Cake – Do you like just one level or 3 levels of cake??? I go for 3 levels.. 🙂

  • For 3 levels cake, you need 2 semi circles of 7cm diameter, 1 semicircle of 5.5cm diameter, 1 semicircle of 4 cm diameter..Worrying about the measurements…Don’t worry I am here to help you… 🙂


Click here to draw circles with required measurements and screenshot(Press fn+Prnt Scrn in your keyboard) them. Print the screen shot page and cut the circles. Hurray!!! got the circles.. 🙂

circle cutter

                                      Caution : Please print it with ‘No Scaling’ option else printer will try to print the screen shot to fit the page.

  • Now, we are going to start the layers of the cake. I chosen pink colour paper for my cake. For layering take the same colour A4 size paper and cut  a strip of paper by measuring 5-6 cm width. Sorry, No snaps but I know you are smart and you can do this by looking in to the below pictures.
  • Measure 1 cm to left and right of the strip and cut it like fringes as below. Make sure that you do only 1 cm to left and right leaving 2-3 cm in the middle which makes the height of the cake level.
Picture from google for illustration

Picture from google for illustration

  • Start gluing the cut paper to the big semicircle that we have on the rounded edges.


Caution : Leave one inch on both sides while you are gluing which is very important.

  • Gluing the other semi-circle on top will look like 3d semi-circle as shown below


  • Repeat the same with the other two semicircles but the only difference is they will not have bottom because the first level will act as bottom for the second and the second for third. Once you complete, your cake will be the same as  below.

Backside of the cake..observe one inch paper on left and right


Front view of the cake..

  • Don’t forget to leave one inch on both sides while gluing as it is very important if you need to glue this cake on card. Cake is ready just left out with decorations… 😀

Greeting Card – Do you like a normal greeting card or something special? I go with something special..:)

  • To make the base of the greeting card, I used a red colour light card stock but not too heavy one as it becomes heavier after adding birthday cake. If not, you can use cardboard you have in house and cover it with a paper.20131113_200929
  • Now comes something special, I just want the card to have a feminine look. So I cut the front cover as below. As I am not in to these kind of things before, I have drawn an outline with a pencil before I cut. You can directly cut if you are enough confident.
    After Cut

    After Cut

             Doesn’t it look like a fairy girl with a big gown… :)..If not may be I need to show you the waist line..

  • As I have too many specials outside, I want it to be very simple outside. I took a lavender paper with the length and width smaller than the greeting card so that it can fit inside. I have drawn some balloons and Happy Birthday Message on the paper and glued it inside the card.


  • Now it’s time to glue the cake and decorate it..Ooh..I don’t have any embellishments to decorate.. 😦 ..No Problem, I quilled some paper to form basic shapes and glued it on the bottom two layers. To make it more special, I quilled some paper roses and glued it on the first layer.. Finally it looks like this… 🙂




Now can you see the waist line..Just slit the card along the crease where you have the cut in the card and bow a ribbon through that..That’s it..A card with feminine look.. 😀

I was on cloud 9 when I gifted this to my friend for all the comments I got!!!!

I hope you also liked this post and please let me know your feedback on comments section as those are so much to me…

Tip : What to tell *-) ..Ok got it..As we are in to crafts today, here is the tip to work with hot glue gun

  • If your hot glue gun is leaving spider webs on your works while you are using it to glue, it means you are in a place where humidity is high..So Before using, keep the wax sticks in refrigerator for 10 to 15 mins and use it..Spider webs from hot glue gun are gone… <:o)

Enjoy your handmade cards and crafts..See you soon… 🙂

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Bye for now…

P.S: Sorry for the pictures clarity.. My camera ran out of battery and I managed to take them with my mobile and poor light.. 😦