Versatile Blogger Award!!!!

Image has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award..Thanks Anne for nominating me and I accept your kind nomination. Anne(talesalongtheway blog) wants everyone to experience the beautiful and ancient INDIA..As an Indian, I am very thankful to Anne for describing INDIA and it’s cultures in a spectacular way. Please go through her blog and enjoy the beauty of INDIA in Anne’s words and experiences.. Namaste…

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Seven facts about me .

1. I love games & sports!!! I played Indian national game (Hockey) at state level when I was studying my 10th class(Secondary Education) but discontinued to continue my Intermediate.

2. I always wanted to become a lawyer like my father but my father wanted me to become an enginneer but not lawyer. I completed my B.E in Computer Science in 2008 and joined as a Software Engineer in one of the top most MNC’s in India.

3. I love reading fantasy novels like Harry Potter , Twilight , Narnia and all Dan Brown novels. When ever I see a small stick I feel like spelling ‘Avada Kedavra’  on the men who are sexually abusing women or child in India. I always dreamt of studying in Hogwarts!!!Wish it to be real..

4. I love watching movies..It can be English, Hindi or Telugu..It is not just new movies, it can be old too. My recent movies Mr. & Mrs. Smith(English) and Sarkar Raj(Hindi). I really enjoyed both the movies.

5. I started loving writing inspired from nazninazeez. I never thought that I love writing but now I’m loving it..

6. Recently I started liking arts & crafts. I am working on Papier Mâché with starting letters of mine and my dear husband. Will post it very soon.

7. Lastly, I have a beautiful family with my parents and younger brother. After marriage it became more beautiful with my husband and in-laws. I must thank GOD for gifting me a beautiful and happy family.

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Update : Updated the nomination list as has been moved to new site.