Vith U – A must for Women in current society!!!

Hello Dear Friends!!!

Are you thinking what the topic is about!!!Will get in to that in few minutes but before discussing on that let me tell you the facts that made me to discuss about this topic..

NIRBHAYA!!! Wondering who she is? A Women who faced a world known tragedy and left her mark in the history of INDIA!!!

A lady fought for thirteen days for her life but passed away by gifting Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013 for Indian Women.


I hope that another NIRBHAYA will not born in the world again!!!

Ladies, Be cautious when you step out of your home!!!

A Question,How do you feel when you are alone, travelling in a taxi and if something makes you feel that your dear ones are with you..Relaxed?

Star India Pvt Limited,India collaborated with Channel V and launched an android app “Vith U” along with ‘Gumrah Season 3‘ as their part to build a safer India for women.

Gumrah is crime television series that started airing from March 2012 on Channel V . The show telecasts crime related incidents committed by young people. Chitrangda Singh has launched this app.

I think by this time you would have guessed what the topic is!!!!Yes, it’s an android phone app “Vith U”.


VithU is an emergency App that can be installed in your Android phones, Unlike some other applications where you need to run the application to send alerts, this is just at the double-click( 2 times consecutively) of the power button which made this app convenient to use in emergency situations.

Will go step by step about the installation, usage, pros and cons.

1) You can download the app from Google Play Store. Once you downloaded, run the application, It will show you to pop up’s one with the “Settings” and the other with “How to Use”.

2) Continuing further will give you a screen with message “I am in danger.I need help.Please follow my location” and an option to Choose contacts to whom you need to notify during an emergency (Parents or spouse can be the first option, but choose some one that can reach you immediately or your office contact persons). It’s not done just by choosing contacts you need to activate if the messages need to be sent.

3) On the right side, you have a list of features that can be used. Apart from this, it will show general news on crimes,it has a “Tips Feed” to give you safety tips, and to submit your story if you are the victim of crime or witnessed if any for Channel V.

4) As part of their promotion for the Gumrah Season 3, app will send alerts or reminders when Gumrah is showing on air.


Initially I thought it can be used only in India. But when I downloaded and tried, It was working in Malaysia too. So try yourself and let me know where in the world this app can be used.

A message for the recipients will have a link which will show your location that was identified using GPS. So, the GPS in mobile needs to be on to find your location. Ladies, keep your GPS on when you are going out.

In the settings section, it was mentioned that internet connection is required for the app, but I personally tried and it’s working even without internet but GPS is must to identify the location.

Note : App will keep on sending messages every 2 minutes with the updated location to the recipients once you double-click the power button until you deactivate it manually.

Pros – The most important pros of this app is security. I don’t think I need to explain any other pros of this app as I covered the most and important one.

Cons – 

  • The charge for messages will be from your main balance. So when there is no balance, this is of no use. But if you have internet connection and viber is installed, message are being sent from viber (Of course the other parties should also have viber installed).

Hope the developers consider this concern and release a new version making it flawless.

My thumbs up for this awesome and helpful app!!!

Thumbs Up

P.S : Don’t think this is only for women, everyone can use it, If you are men, use it and explain about this app to all women that you know.

As I mentioned earlier, Here is a simple and beautiful recipe:

If you have no time and your family is craving for sweet , follow this and make a delicious sweet within no time.

Ingredients :

  • Bread –  4 slices  ( Use some whole grain or brown bread instead of white bread if you are a calorie counter).
  • Sugar –  1 cup
  • Water –  3 to 4 cups

Procedure :

  • Boil 4 cups of water with one cup of sugar and prepare a light sugar syrup ( Sweetness can be added or reduced based on your taster).
  • Toast your bread and cut the edges. Keep it aside.
  • Once the syrup is ready, add the bread pieces by cutting them in to two half’s (triangular). Add them to the syrup and keep it in refrigerator for 10 to 20 mins (Based on your time constraint).
  • Serve it.

If you are going to try this, let me know your feedback.

I hope today’s blog creates awareness about the security of a women and gave sweetness to your taste buds.

Last but not least, Please let me know your feedback in comments section and please follow my blog!!!

Have a safe and happy diwali!!!

Bye for now,

Anjali!!!! 🙂


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